IndexOutOfBoundsException when I call stopManagingCursor in an OnItemSelectedListener

by Jeffrey Yasskin » Sun, 08 Mar 2009 08:50:37 GMT

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 Activity.performStop() contains the following loop (around line 3394
in the 1.0 SDK release and at ;a=blob;f=core/java/android/app/;h=4dc4b6a48b85f9caad4234b8e29fafdc9260840c;hb=HEAD#l3504):

            final int N = mManagedCursors.size();
            for (int i=0; i<N; i++) {
                ManagedCursor mc = mManagedCursors.get(i);
                if (!mc.mReleased) {
                    mc.mReleased = true;

In my app, mc.mCursor.deactivate() calls (indirectly)
SimpleCursorAdapter.notifyDataSetInvalidated(), which calls
(indirectly) AdapterView.fireOnSelected(), which calls my
OnItemSelectedListener, which calls stopManagingCursor(), which
reduces the size of mManagedCursors, which makes the ArrayList.get()
call throw on the next iteration.

I'm calling stopManagingCursor to avoid the crash described at <http://
f6fabc180e8b517a/c04691d80f1e9135?lnk=gst&#c04691d80f1e9135> (and a
few other posts you can find by searching this group for

I suspect this is a bug in Activity.performStop, which shouldn't
assume mManagedCursors is constant through a call to a user-provided
callback. Until the Android developers can fix the bug, I'm looking
for a workaround. Should I just abandon managed cursors, which don't
seem to work well with CursorAdapters? Is there a good way to prevent
my OnItemSelectedListener from being called during performStop()? Any
other ideas?


IndexOutOfBoundsException when I call stopManagingCursor in an OnItemSelectedListener

by Jeffrey Yasskin » Sun, 08 Mar 2009 10:40:05 GMT

 That's a reasonable idea, thanks. Right now, I'm calling changeCursor
(null) for each of my adapters in onDestroy(), but if I run into
trouble with leaking cursors before I can set them into an adapter
I'll try removing the listeners.

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