About rotate screen use G-SENSOR

by lgbk » Mon, 17 May 2010 15:42:14 GMT

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 Hi all,
  I'm debuging my gsensor in my devices.And now in my sensor HAL layer
code ,I return two types data.(ID_ACCELERATION and ID_ORIENTATION).I'm
confused how covert x,y,z data to pitch,roll.....In my code I use
                  pitch = atan(sensors.acceleration.y/
                  roll = atan(sensors.acceleration.x/
                  sensors.orientation.azimuth = 0.0;
But it seems have some error.Now I can not rotate my screen
automaitic,but can play some g-sensor game,like(labyrinthfull.apk).So
my question is that ,if I want to rotate screen automatic,which data
the system need to use?x,y,z? or pitch roll azimuth? or antoher data?
Can somebody show me some example,thanks.Any suggestion is appracite.


About rotate screen use G-SENSOR

by lgbk » Mon, 17 May 2010 17:28:26 GMT

 Some guys told me the sensor raw data is enough.So if it is right ,I
think the raw data I have covert and report successfull.So maybe I
forget some config in system.I also heared that I need config
something in init,rc but I didn,t know what need I add.Can anybody
told me or give me some suggestion,thanks!!!


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