Best practices for integrated (context-sensitive) help?

by Mark Murphy » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 05:14:03 GMT

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This sounds lovely.

Or, just host the help online, linking to it via an ACTION_VIEW Intent
on your URL. I'm not sure if the HTML5 offline stuff works with the
Android browser, but if it does, use that to allow your help to be
usable even when there's no connection. IMHO, this will be the long-term
direction for this sort of thing, as it gives you easy publishing, easy
updates independent of the app itself, yet still isn't completely busted
when the user is offline.

Or, write your help in the form of an EPUB document and make it
available, so those with an EPUB reader (e.g., FBReaderJ) can use it.

Or, write your help in the form of a PDF document and make it available,
so those with a PDF viewer (e.g., Documents To Go) can use it. And see
if they have a referral program for sales, so you can make a bit of
money on people who buy that app to view your help.

Or, don't worry about on-device help due to form-factor issues and just
provide support via your Web site.

Worst-case scenario: create a content provider to serve your help files.

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