Re : How to catch BOOT_COMPLETED_ACTION from an IntentReceiver

by GAYET Thierry » Wed, 24 Jun 2009 20:38:00 GMT

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 First thanks for your quick reply. I have well found the code you told me about 

I have one more question 'cos i as i have said before i ma programming a 
service that i want to start when Android boot.

My core class extends Service not  BroadcastReceiver. So may i extend more than 
one time. I mean to extends  Service and BroadcastReceiver. for the same class 

Maybe i need to add a public class OnBootReceiver extends BroadcastReceiver 
inside my service project ? But if so how to link this second class with the 
service one ?


Thierry GAYET

De : Mark Murphy <>
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Objet : [android-developers] Re: How to catch BOOT_COMPLETED_ACTION from an 

You'll see this covered as part of: 

Sample code implementing BroadcastReceivers for BOOT_COMPLETED can be
found at: 

(scroll down, download the "Source Code" from the link, and look for
SysEvents/OnBoot and SysServices/Alarm projects)

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Re : How to catch BOOT_COMPLETED_ACTION from an IntentReceiver

by Mark Murphy » Wed, 24 Jun 2009 21:03:04 GMT


BOOT_COMPLETED must be received by a <receiver> element for a
BroadcatReceiver. You have no choice in the matter.

Mark Murphy (a Commons Guy)  | 

Android Development Wiki: 


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