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The Phone rings. Mary picks up the phone and listens. We see
Mary's face lighting up. Mary couldn't stop grinning. She had
heard some great news. She throws in some kisses on the phone,
pumps her fist and looks for something in her drawer. Mary takes
her bankbook out and gets out fast laughing. We can only feel
she has won the lottery. In fact she has won the Google Android Developer
Challenge Phase I that was announced today. What poor Mary doesn't know is,
how this would be fatal for her.

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1. Problem seen in run Android (eclair) on an SMDK6410

have you modified init.rc from the prebuilt package?

root file system and especially '/system' is gone for toss, after
mounting yaffs file system to '/'

NAND yaffs file system is mounted in your init.rc, and it should be
like below sequence.. to set '/system' and '/data' properly..

mount yaffs2 m...@system /system
mount yaffs2 m...@system /system ro remount
mount yaffs2 m...@userdata /data nosuid nodev
mount yaffs2 m...@cache /cache nosuid nodev

if any issue there in mounting, services that are to be run after
parsing init.rc will fail, as you see in the log..

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Or, use android:theme="@android:style/Theme.NoTitleBar.Fullscreen" as an
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