Is it possible to do automatic installations of the Android SDK?

by redsolo » Mon, 18 Jan 2010 04:26:48 GMT

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 As of now the Android SDK uses a GUI to select and install SDK
components. This is all nice, but is it possible to install SDK
components without a GUI? Using the old way, I could just untar the
package into a folder and everything was done (after setting PATH).

I ask the question because I would like to make it possible to use the
Android SDK together with Hudsons automatic tool installation. Hudson
is a CI server that can build on distributed computers/nodes. To be
able to build an android application on all nodes I have today do this
on all nodes: logon on, download the SDK, install all SDK components
using a GUI and set up the PATHs. This is cumbersome if you would like
to add a bunch of nodes to a build farm.

Hudson has already automatic installation of any Java, Ant, Maven
version on any node, ie if a build requires any version of those tools
it will install it automatically and set it up properly. What is
really happening is that Hudson downloads the Ant tar.gz, unpacks it
to a folder under the Hudson installation and then uses it. This way
you can have several different versions of Java, Ant and Maven if that
is needed. This is what I would like to have with the Android SDK
also, but as of now it seems impossible?

So is it possible to do automatic installation without a GUI?


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