Sending and receiving files via FTP

by EboMike » Mon, 03 Nov 2008 13:40:17 GMT

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 It's been six months since the last activity on any group regarding
FTP, but there is still no post that explains how to solve the problem
with the stating "Unable to connect to server:
{0}" whenever trying to connect to an FtpURLConnection. (The "FTP use
from Android" thread goes into detail about this problem, complete
with example code).

I've noticed on my server logs that the Android emulator is actually
able to connect to the FTP server and even request the transfer of the
file (although the amount of bytes transferred is 0 in the xferlog),
so this doesn't seem to be a firewall or networking configuration
problem. I also have the Internet permission in the manifest file, and
I'm able to request files via HTTP just fine.

Has anyone been able to use FtpURLConnection successfully?



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