Design / Architect - Media Player app

by George Of That Bush » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 08:05:03 GMT

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  I would like to DESIGN and then CODE a Media Player Application
where-in a list of files stored on the sd card are shown on one page.
When the user clicks on a file, it should be played on another page.

  Given a few steps, I can code an application. But what I would like
to know is how do I go about with the DESIGN part? Being a junior
programmer, I am new to the world of DESIGNING / ARCHITECTING
applications and related best practices / methodologies. Hence, need
some expert advice from you to BUILD a ROCK-SOLID Mobile Application.
This will help me think in terms of a Mobile Application Architect!

  I am sorry if my question is not android specific at the moment. If
this is not the correct mailing list, please point me to a relevant

  Any links, pointers, guides would be very helpful. Thanks.


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