Problem with continuos animation of children on long press of keys in a Viewgroup.

by Romain Guy » Sat, 07 Mar 2009 00:46:56 GMT

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 Just call startAnimation(), but no need to start a thread.

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Hello i search a tuto which show how to populate au listview with an
xml file of internet. I found one but it populate with attribut of a

xml file:
<recette name= Le Cari de Boeuf  type= Repas  Country= France 
nbrofpers= 4level= " content= Coupez le boeuf en morceaux
(style daube). mincez les oignons, coupez les tomates en petits
morceaux et pilez ail, sel poivre e>

public  ArrayList<ArrayList> renvoi_liste_recette_xml() throws

  ArrayList<ArrayList> aTableRetour = new ArrayList<ArrayList>();
  URL myURL = new URL("
  DocumentBuilderFactory fabrique = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance
  // cration d'un constructeur de documents
  DocumentBuilder constructeur = fabrique.newDocumentBuilder();
  Document document = constructeur.parse(myURL.openStream());
  Element racine = document.getDocumentElement();
  NodeList liste = racine.getElementsByTagName("recette");
  for(int i=0; i<liste.getLength(); i++){
          ArrayList<String> aTableauTmp =  new ArrayList<String>();
          Element E1= (Element) liste.item(i);
          //aTableRetour[i]= "";

  return aTableRetour;

I give you an exemple of my xml file(i would like to populate my
listview with the content of markers and not attributs):
xml file:
                <nom>L'ours blanc</nom>
                <heberg>Hotel ****</heberg>
                <nom>Le coin du paradis</nom>
                <heberg>Chambres d'hotes</heberg>
                <heberg>Hotel **</heberg>

If anyone know a tuto for that or if anyone can help me to fit the
fist code to my xml file it will be great because i'm blocked here ...


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