Where can I find good remote Android developers?

by dan raaka » Wed, 29 Jul 2009 09:09:05 GMT

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I am currently trying to split a string of a mathematical function,
which I am currently respresenting as:

4x2+3x4 (which means 4x^2 + 3x^4)

and I need to split it into the individual terms, 4x2 and 3x4. Using a
string.split("+") method I get the error:

Syntax Error: U_REGEX_RULE_SYNTAX near index 1: +

how can I prevent this error occurring?



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How can we pass checked box status from one activity to the calling

For e.g., I have two activities. The first activity calls the second
activity that has a listview with checkboxed items and two buttons,
'OK' and 'CANCEL'. The second activity has to pass the names of list
items that are checked to the calling acitivity. I am not able to
figure out how to do this efficiently?

Can anyone help please?




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