T-Mobile Android Firmware - Pulse device - Data SMS Messages

by cpphool » Mon, 29 Mar 2010 16:24:10 GMT

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I am developing an Android aplication that receives data messages (it
is different than usual text messages and wap push). I have been
testing it with different platforms and devices (Htc G1, Magic, Hero,
Acer Liquid, Samsung Galaxy). It works on every device but T-Mobile

I am using this intent filter:

<action android:name="android.intent.action.DATA_SMS_RECEIVED" />
<data android:scheme="sms" />
<data android:host="localhost" />
<data android:port="30000" />

The problem is that on T-Mobile Pulse these messages apear in the
inbox, but they are not catched by my app. I suppose it is connected
with Pulse firmware. Is there any way I could ask for support from a
team that had developed this firmware?

I would be very grateful for any response!


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