Multiple BT headset connection

by Bheemsen » Thu, 01 Apr 2010 13:45:41 GMT

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 Hi All,
Is any one tried in android connecting two Bluetooth headset?
Is this possible in Android?



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First.. let me ask for those of you that have apps in the market.. if I have
a 1.5 version out there.. it shows up on any device that is 1.5 or later,
right? Now..if I update it to run on 2.0.. will the update be made available
or even notify 1.5/1.6 users? Or does it only show up for 2.0 and later
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As someone else said, one of the appeals of Android, and no doubt one of the
biggest reasons every carrier and manufacturer has jumped on board is the
ability to customize it. For example, the new Sony phone coming out... it
has a really nice custom in-house notification manager that no other phone
has. It's that capability that is going to bring a lot of vendors and
carrier to Android. Also keep in mind.. competition. If every android device
looks/operates exactly the same.. then the only difference really is
hardware and name brand recognition. A driving force behind all these
companies supporting Android and building to it is to distinguish themselves
from others. They want people to buy their phones because the Sense UI is
"better" or "easier" than others. Android allows them to do this, and quite
easily for the most part compared to say building on Palm's or other OSs out
there. So without a doubt you're going to see different UIs and us
developers may face UI issues trying to have apps integrate within those
custom UIs. HOWEVER, I stand firm when I say.. if your app does NOT work on
a given devices customized UI, its the fault of the customizer, not your
app. They should absolutely be held to the same standards we are when it
comes to developing on Android. If they make custom capabilities that do not
work on other devices, what's the point of even using them? Honestly if
Sony's custom scrolling notification system is accessible to us Android
developers, then really it's only of use to build custom apps specific to
that phone. It doesn't benefit Sony to make such a custom modification in
hopes that us one-offs will build something from it that only runs on the
Sony phone. Most likely they will do in-house stuff with it and offer custom
apps for their phone only.  I think this is possible, because Verizon has a
tab on my moto droid, which I assume is only verizon and/or moto droid apps.
So I would imagine Sony could provide a tab on the market specific to their
phone, and place apps under it that will only show up for those using that
phone. I am not for sure on this tho.

Lastly, while I agree it will be a pain for us developers to maintain
multiple versions..  keep in mind that updates generally aren't more than a
couple a year and as Mark and others said, most things work on newer
updates. So unless you get issues with your app for specific API changes,
you shouldn't have to worry too much about future updates. Even if you do, I
don't see this being much different than most jobs I've had, where we have
older versions of software that we still support, fix bugs in, and continue
on with newer versions. As for display size changes. as far as I knew, if
you built your app to the SDK.. your displays would resize properly in most
cases. Not sure about video games, but at least most text based apps with
the right layouts should work on any screen size. What are some examples of
different screen sizes causing problems? I am curious for my own knowledge
to be prepared as I haven't seen that issue brought up much.


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