Using JmDNS in emulator

by gshetty » Sun, 02 Nov 2008 02:50:31 GMT

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I am trying to use JmDNS to discover the services available in Bonjour
network. I am running my app in the emulator and my system is
connected to LAN and the ip on my system is assgined through a DHCP
server. However when the JmDNS tries tries to find out the ip address
of localhost it gets and the JmDNS does not work for this ip

What should i do so that the emulator uses the ip address of my system
to detect the services in the LAN.



Using JmDNS in emulator

by Charlie Collins » Mon, 03 Nov 2008 08:01:04 GMT

 The emulator is acting as it's own device on it's own network segment
(behind a virtual router), basically. #emulatornetworking

So, it's not really on the same "LAN."  The emulator has aliases for
the DNS servers the host machine has, and you can redirect host and
guest addresses and ports with the "redir" command - but if you are
trying to dynamically discover stuff on the network segment IT is on,
you won't "see" much.

Assuming you are trying to write something that would be used in the
real world to somehow work with auto-discovered devices on an IP
network, then you probably want to use the WiFi APIs anyway.  The
providers IP network (non WiFi) won't be useful to you anyway, the
carriers don't usually allow you to access that IP address. Getting a
WiFi IP can be done with WifiInfo - 
(The WiFi IP address should pertain to the segment you are on, which I
am guessing is more what you want.)

Also, though this sounds like an interesting app you are working on,
you probably won't be able to work on it in the emulator.  Rather, you
will need a real device. As far as I know the WiFi stuff still is not
supported in the emulator.  (If someone knows better/more, please
correct me, but last I heard no WiFi from the emulator.)


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