Use wifi for some request and UMTS for other requests

by DWischer » Sat, 03 Oct 2009 03:45:57 GMT

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what im trying to do is, to connect the phone to an adhoc wlan with no
internet access. Over this connection, i connect to a printer, to
print over wireless.
Normal http Requests should be made over the UMTS connection of the

Is it possible to choose the interface which will be used for the
connection? How is this made?


Use wifi for some request and UMTS for other requests

by lbcoder » Mon, 05 Oct 2009 21:18:44 GMT

 It should work like any other linux machine in this regard... i.e.,
you just need to set your routes 

Now there are a couple of issues you need to think about with regards
to this;
1) on wifi connection, it might actually disconnect you from your
carrier's data network. (I don't know since it is pointless to pay
extra for a carrier data plan given the proliferation of free wifi)
2) the route command doesn't exist on your device. You'll need to
install it.


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Use wifi for some request and UMTS for other requests

by lbcoder » Tue, 06 Oct 2009 01:19:48 GMT

 Was there a point to your post?
If you are interested in having this feature added officially to
android (rather than just asking about a hack-a-round), then I suggest
a good place to start is here: 


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