How to setup Access Point parameters programmatically

by luc276 » Thu, 30 Apr 2009 02:05:56 GMT

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 Hi all
First I'm using the Android SDK 1.5 with ADT 0.9 and I'm investigating
with the emulator.
I'm wondering how to setup the Andoid Access Point parameters (like
APN, username, password..) programmatically.
I saw a WRITE_APN_SETTINGS permission in the SDK help but didn't find
any way to use it.
I guess the settings are stored into /data/data/ and  into /data/
but I cannot access them programmaticaly.
Indeed, when I call
SQLiteDatabase myDB = SQLiteDatabase.openDatabase("/data/data/", null,
an SQLiteException is thrown (830058649800) "unable to open database
I tried to define in the manifest several permissions like
CHANGE_CONFIGURATION, WRITE_SETTINGS but without more success. Just
noticed that I can access the two files with with "adb shell sqlite3"
or DDMS and pull them from the emulator to the PC.
I'm working on the topic since a week and I'm really in hurry right
now so your helps will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance


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