Framework for backup/restore application's private data?

by ronald » Wed, 03 Feb 2010 04:29:38 GMT

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 A search framework is built in Android SDK1.6, where each application
can provide search suggestions for Quick Search Box.

I think we can build a similar framework to backup/restore app's
private data.

See following cases:
1) You already setup favorite channel names in FM radio. When you
change your phone, of course you want restore them from somewhere.
2) You have got a high mark in some game. After you change your phone,
you want the mark back.

Most backup/restore applications only focus on contacts, calendar,
Memos, tasks, emails, bookmarks, SMS, and some can handle more
(photos, videos, music) contents, but few care about application's
private data. I think Android should add this feature.

A public framework for such work is needed. Each app defines a public
method, say onAppSync(), which is called by a system-level backup/
restore manager (we can call it SyncManager) when it is needed (e.g.
when user requests or long time passed). The app defines what to
backup and even what format to use (referring to SyncML).

Once such a framework is available, old applications can also be
modified by defining a onAppSync() for it.

More technical details is left open. Are developers of the old
applications glad to see this?


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