Help with a click effect for my own custom button.

by Bure » Tue, 15 Jun 2010 15:49:00 GMT

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 Hi all.
Have a problem when i try to invoke a click effect for my custom
button. Basically I want my "button" to change background color for
like 100 ms and then change back to the original color. I'm using a
OnClickListener for this, with an additional thread for the sleep

The problem is that the "button" just updates the second color
(original color) and not the "click" color. I'm new to this so pls
take it easy on me :)

public class NoteButtonListener implements OnClickListener {
         public void onClick(final View v) {
                if(v instanceof NoteButton){
                                Thread t = new Thread(){
                                        public void run(){
                                                try {
v.setBackgroundColor(Color.GREEN); //Never shown?
                                                } catch (InterruptedException 
e) {


                else if(v instanceof Button){


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