Using a PC to Control Android

by Doug » Sat, 07 Mar 2009 10:53:25 GMT

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Is there a way to control the Android HTC from a PC?
I basically want to use my PC screen/keyboard to see/type into my T-
mobile g1 phone.


Using a PC to Control Android

by Justin Allen Jaynes » Sat, 07 Mar 2009 11:31:46 GMT

 While any interest in Android is good, this is a developer forum only.

Use this forum if:

"You're now an experienced Android application developer. You've grasped 
the basics of Android app development, you're comfortable using the SDK, 
now you want to move to advanced topics. Get help here with 
troubleshooting applications, advice on implementation, and strategies 
for improving your application's performance and user experience.
--Google Groups Description

his is the not the right place to discuss user issues (use 
android-discuss for that) or beginner questions with the Android SDK 
(use android-beginners for that)." --Google Groups Description

If you were to post topics such as this to the android-discuss group, 
your relevant and useful dialog there would encourage others to 
participate in that forum. Separating the discussions by topic into two 
different fourms improves the dialog in both forums, does it not? Please 
consider posting to the proper forum.

For complete information see: 


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