RC33 - Firmware ver. 1.1, new features for G1

by C茅dric Berger » Wed, 04 Feb 2009 16:48:10 GMT

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Are these new features (voice search...) available in the public
android source code too ?


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1. Cupcake: what capabilities are we losing?

After looking at the "roadmap" closely, there's a lot of good stuff in
there.  But I'm concerned over this tibit listed as a bugfix:

"A number of settings in android.provider.Settings.System were moved
to Android.provider.Settings.Secure. Only system software can modify
these settings ... additionally, a new permission,
WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS, is required to access these settings".

This "bugfix" has the potential to cripple any settings manager
application currently listed in the AndroidMarket.  This includes:
ToggleSettings, aSettings, usefulSwitchers, toggleAir, etc.  Some of
these developers have download counts in the tens of thousands.  This
seems to be an elimination of stable (and documented) functionality -
not really fixing bugs.

Does anyone know which system parameters will no longer be settable -
or is the entire android.provider.Settings.System class to become read-
only?  Are these capabilities reimplemented in a different public
library that is not obvious by reviewing the roadmap?

Also, will "Support [for] third party updates of system applications"
allow installation from user selected sources (can we distribute
system applications through the AndroidMarket or our own sites) - or
is this a euphemism for a higher-tier of applications that public
developers are not able to produce?


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I've a driver for audio accelerator on my hardware. when the test app
on top of this driver does some ioctl calls to driver and it says:
"unknown ioctl no: xxxx"

the ioctl number passed from application is an enum defined in one
header file which is included in test app and also the driver. So the
driver & test app should see the same enum value which is not
happening. The 'cmd' parameter (which is an enum from *.h) which is
passed from application and the value of the enum in driver included
from the same *.h is different.

Has anybody faced the same issue? This problem is not faced when the
test app is built with -static option.
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