No Network Connectivity in Service/AlarmManager Process.

by Mark Murphy » Thu, 25 Mar 2010 07:52:18 GMT

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That looks strange.

-- WifiLock is managed by WifiManager, which is not a PowerManager.

-- WifiManager has a createWifiLock() method to create the WifiLock, not
a newWakeLock() method

Also, I'm not sure this is necessarily going to work if you are locking
and unlocking at the time you are doing the WakeLocks. If your goal is
for WiFi to be available immediately upon the alarm, you will need to
use a WifiLock to keep WiFi active back when you schedule the alarm. To
quote from the WifiLock documentation:

"Normally the Wi-Fi radio may turn off when the user has not used the
device in a while. Acquiring a WifiLock will keep the radio on until the
lock is released. Multiple applications may hold WifiLocks, and the
radio will only be allowed to turn off when no WifiLocks are held in any

If this is something that's supposed to be going on 24x7, since keeping
the WiFi radio on all that time will drain the battery pretty good, I
think you're more going to need to just hang tight in your
doWakefulWork() until WiFi connectivity is restored.

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No Network Connectivity in Service/AlarmManager Process.

by Mark Murphy » Thu, 25 Mar 2010 08:33:31 GMT


Then grab a stronger WakeLock, I guess.

Actually, it pretty much works as the name suggests.

Probably there is, but perhaps a partial WakeLock is insufficient.

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No Network Connectivity in Service/AlarmManager Process.

by Mark Murphy » Sat, 27 Mar 2010 21:31:44 GMT


Like I said, I am not aware of any such limitation. As I wrote, the only
times I know of when alarms get nuked are:

-- on a reboot, all alarms go "poof!"

-- if the user has a so-called "task killer" app and kills your app that
way, your alarms go "poof!" (though alarms from other un-killed apps
remain in place)

Conversely, there are places in Android itself where AlarmManager is
used from an Activity -- alarm clock and calendar, to name two.

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