How to start debugger on ADP1 device rather than AVD

by WoodManEXP » Fri, 18 Sep 2009 11:05:59 GMT

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 Does anyone know how to get the debugger to launch on an ADP1?. It was
recently flashed to 1.5. Dev platform is Eclipse on Windows XP with
the SDK 1.5 USB driver installed (HTC Dream Composite Interface).
Windows can see the device and adb can see the device with db
devicescommand. USB Debugging has been enabled on the device and the
application manifest has android:debuggable="true" set in it. The
LogCat windows is showing log output from the ADP1 too.

But when Selecting Run->Debug or Run->Run the avd is always launched.
The instructions say that it should launch to the device or give a
choice if the avd is running too.

Do anyone know what needs to be done to get the debugger to launch
against the real device instead of the avd?


How to start debugger on ADP1 device rather than AVD

by WoodManEXP » Fri, 18 Sep 2009 19:10:02 GMT

 The minSDKVersion of the app is 3 (1.5) and the ADP1 and the AVD are
each at the same level. It's all at 3 (1.5).

Changing to the manual confuguration seems to have been the answer.

Thank you!


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