Android on Psion's Netbook Pro?

by gnugu » Tue, 24 Mar 2009 22:51:33 GMT

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I'm new to Android.

I have several Netbook Pro devices here and would like to try to get
Android on them.

Can anyone point me to the right direction how to port it for the
following HW?

Processor: Intel XScale PXA255 400MHz
Memory: 32MB Flash
Display: SVGA (800x600) TFT transmissive display with
CCFL backlight
Controls: Resistive touch screen for pen navigation;
58-key touch-type keyboard
Audio:AC97 Codec
2.5mm stereo headphone/mic socket
Speaker for alarms, buzzes and key clicks
Comms: RS232 serial port Honda Connector
IrDA 1.1
Mini USB 1.1 master
Expansion: CF card slot type I & II
PCMCIA card slot type I & II
SDIO/SD memory card/MMC card slot
Power: DC Input
Li-Ion battery pack (12.6V 2200mAH)
2xAAA replaceable batteries for backup



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