Problem with continuos animation of children on long press of keys in a Viewgroup.

by Romain Guy » Fri, 06 Mar 2009 15:57:25 GMT

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i'm encodding images with Base64 into Strings, and i am uploading
these images into a remote database, in a row of the table USER. That
row is TEXT, because i dont know if there is anothr String type with
more space than TEXT.

When i store very small images, with 5 or 10 KB of space, they store
OK, and when i get these images back from the sql DB into my app, i
can decode them into BitMap and show them into a ImageView.

THE PROBLEM: When i store images with for example 110 KB of space, i
think they doesn't store OK in the TEXT row of my table USER in the
SQL DB, because when i try to decode them, i got an error, they can't
be decoded, but i dont know why, because the decode function of Base64
simply returns null when he can't decode.

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