Here is an approach to draw a regular polygon using Android OpenGL.

by Satya Komatineni » Wed, 08 Jul 2009 06:57:38 GMT

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 If you are new to OpenGL and also happen to be experimenting with
OpenGL and Android here is an article that I cooked up that explains
how to draw any regular polygon at any origin on the scene.

The design approach is simple enough: start by defining a regular
polygon with the help of a radius, number of sides and its origin.
Then calculate the vertices for each side of the polygon. Use
GL_TRIANGLES to draw multiple triangles to make up the polygon. Then
have the RegularPolygon provide these vertices and necessary indecies
as an array to the drawing class.

You can see the full article and source code at ;reportId=3189&ownerUserId=satya


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