Google Adsense on Android (or any other Mobile OS)

by Vassilios Kirellous » Thu, 22 Oct 2009 00:34:41 GMT

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I have an app that was using a webview component. It was easy to simply put
a Google Adsense <javascript> or iframe tag in the header and have that app
display an advert. It worked great.

I know from some posts here that many others also tried this.

We tried it and we found out that it caused us to lose our Google Adsense
accounts. :(

But my question is why? I mobile phone network has private internal IP
addresses (handset addresses are usually private) and they are NAT'd out to
the public internet (using a NAT) - its basically the same how an ISP works.
So what's the big deal. Why do we need to use Admobs or Quattro to put
adverts on there? Why aren't Adsense type scripts supported?

Also, does anyone here know whether there is a way to publish an advert on a
webview component that is integrated with Admob by sending it a script? For
example - could I integrate my app with Admob and allow an advert to appear
by simply sending a javascript code to the app's webview window.

I hope that makes sense,



Google Adsense on Android (or any other Mobile OS)

by polyclefsoftware » Thu, 22 Oct 2009 01:59:27 GMT

 Sorry to hear about this. I think there should be a warning first
rather than outright banning an account. I've heard of this happening
to at least one other dev.

I believe the reasoning behind not allowing Google AdSense for Mobile
ads being served up in a webview is that Google wants to be able to
classify as accurately as possible how ads are being served, and they
want to distinguish between ads served via mobile websites and ads
served by mobile applications (most likely because their clients want
to be able to target specific users via specific kinds of content).
This is why they have two distinct categories: AdSense for Mobile
Content and AdSense for Mobile Application Content.

But they certainly bring down the hammer pretty hard if you try to
serve up ads in an app through a webview.

If you're using AdMob, they have an SDK for integrating it with your
app. There's no need to serve it in a webview.


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Google Adsense on Android (or any other Mobile OS)

by Daddy Cat » Sat, 24 Oct 2009 07:24:09 GMT

 This is discouraging. I was hoping to use WebView to view AdSense for
Mobile ads. Did Google explain which policy you were in violation of?
Is the only option to apply to the Beta program and hope they allow



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