Which View/Layout does the Market app (1.6) details activity use?

by Mark Murphy » Fri, 26 Feb 2010 21:08:43 GMT

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That is a misconception. Try using your D-pad or trackball or whatever
on that screen. You will find that the comments, the three items below
the "About the developer" heading, and the "Flag as inappropriate" row
are all selectable. Hence, I'm reasonably certain this is a ListView

It is useful anyplace where you have the need for a ListView where the
content does not all come from a single adapter. That could be headings.
That could be a mix of fixed rows (e.g., "Flag as inappropriate") and
data-driven rows (e.g., the comments). It could be both. It could be
something else.

If the non-header rows are to be selectable and/or clickable, then you
probably want to use a ListView. If not, a ScrollView should work.

You cannot have scrollable things inside scrollable things. Hence, you
cannot have a ListView inside of a ScrollView, for example.

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