Strange Exceptions when deleting and reading contacts

by Samuh » Wed, 08 Sep 2010 19:29:56 GMT

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 I am getting following exceptions when I try to read/delete contacts
from my application using Contacts Content Provider.
What does the following mean?

ERROR/IMemory(1349): binder=0x490f38 transaction failed
fd=-2147483647, size=0, err=-2147483646 (Unknown error: 2147483646)
ERROR/IMemory(1349): cannot dup fd=-2147483647, size=0,
err=-2147483646 (Bad file number)
ERROR/IMemory(1349): cannot map BpMemoryHeap (binder=0x490f38),
size=0, fd=-1 (Bad file number)
ERROR/JavaBinder(1349): *** Uncaught remote exception!  (Exceptions
are not yet supported across processes.)
ERROR/JavaBinder(1349): java.lang.RuntimeException: No memory in
ERROR/JavaBinder(1349):     at
android.database.CursorWindow.native_init(Native Method)
ERROR/JavaBinder(1349):     at
ERROR/JavaBinder(1349):     at
ERROR/JavaBinder(1349):     at android.database.CursorWindow
ERROR/JavaBinder(1349):     at android.database.CursorWindow
ERROR/JavaBinder(1349):     at
ERROR/JavaBinder(1349):     at
ERROR/JavaBinder(1349):     at



Strange Exceptions when deleting and reading contacts

by Arjun » Thu, 09 Sep 2010 08:24:35 GMT

 I guess you cannot delete contacts  either you can read or write
contacts but you cannot delete contacts.
might be the reason for transaction failure exceptions


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Strange Exceptions when deleting and reading contacts

by William Ferguson » Thu, 09 Sep 2010 11:54:35 GMT

 I recall getting something similar when trying to retrieve too big a
Ie I was trying to retrieve lots of columns. Reducing them to as small
a set as possible removed the error.

I put it down to some hard allocation llimit in the SqlLite DB that
didn't express it well.


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