The larger resolution android emulator doesn't show up

by Frank » Sat, 17 Jul 2010 02:25:35 GMT

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 Hi All,

I have tried to make two kinds of large screen resolution skins for
android 2.1. There are 1024*768 and 1366*800.

The version with 1024*768  resolution can be show up normally.

But the version with 1366*800 resolution will not show up. The
emulator.exe will running in backgroud(From PC Task manager, we can
see emulator.exe is running). And we can see the emulator is running
also from the DDMS application.

And i created a skin with 1290*800. it can also display normally.  But
If the emulator resolution larger than that. The emulator will not
show up.

It seems that the emulator has limitation to the value of resolution
by width multiply height. Does the emulator not supports 1366*800 or
larger resolution?

Please give me some advice?

Thanks very much advanced.

Best Regards



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