by elad » Tue, 14 Apr 2009 03:23:22 GMT

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 How to convert the YUV to RGB

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1. Market di x10 mini hilang

Ada x10 mini temen saya yg icon markernya hilang .
Padahal yg dia lakukan hanya arrange icon. Mungkin ada yg bisa kasih info
gimana munculin lagi.



"Indonesian Android Community [id-android]" 

2. bitmap from a linear layout

Hi all,

i have a layout like

<ll vertical>
<ll horizental>
<ll horizental>

The problem is i need to display this as part of my whole screen.

i am doing

                mCustomDrawableView = new CustomDrawableView((Context)this,

and on ondraw of my custom view i am drawing the bitmaps etc.

The problem is how can I make above layout into a ibitmap, so that I
can draw it in this custom drawing ?

i need to do this because in the layout, one textview will have right
aligned text which is difficult to do in custom drawing.



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