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 How to convert the YUV to RGB

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1. normal-hdpi screened emulator thinks it's a large screened emulator

I am coding an application that uses different layouts for different
screens.  I have multiple layout folders for different combinations as




all the different layout folders work for their respective
combinations except for normal-land-hpi.  It does not seem to be used
by any emulator.

Using the parameters specified by Google on the android dev website
for defining a screen:
normal-hdpi:  WVGA @240dpi
large-mdpi: WVGA @160dpi

unfortunately, for some reason, when i run the emulator in eclipse,
the normal-hdpi emulator thinks it is a large screened emulator, while
the large-mdpi one correctly chooses the the large-land-mdpi layout.

If anyone knows if this is a bug, or is supposed to be this way it
would be most appreciated.

Thank you


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baru keluar samsung galaxy s
Eh bakal keluar yg pro dengan real keyboar qwerty

sent by onix bin odin

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