by elad » Tue, 14 Apr 2009 03:23:22 GMT

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1. Still waiting for opportunity to buy US applications in the UK (including SlideME and AndAppStore)

Hey Al,

Thanks for your response. Requesting each developer to switch to
Paypal is definitely an option, if I really want a particular app I'll
be sure to ask the developer to do this. Often that means asking them
to upload to AndAppStore AND sign up to Paypal at the same time, but
that's an unavoidable situation.

Unfortunately, nagging a developer to switch to Paypal is a lot more
work than jumping on a torrent site or rapidshare. This is no fault of
AndAppStore, but I find it difficult to justify this approach when
discussing the options with others who are having the same problem. I
wonder if there is a way to communicate this fact to all the
developers who are complaining about low sales?

Thanks for your work on AndAppStore.


2. Still waiting for opportunity to buy US applications in the UK (including SlideME and AndAppStore)

Got my OTA update last night, now it's just a case of updating all my
apps so they aren't broken anymore :) To be honest the only one I
really miss right now is Toggle Settings. I really like the new style.

I still can't buy U.S. apps, not that I expected the update would fix
that. I've emailed the Google Checkout support with a compiled list of
Android market issues and archived threads from this list. I've heard
that it's near impossible to get a response, but I'm hoping that's
just people being impatient whilst their issue sits in the support

To be honest, I'm starting to succumb to the fact that free apps are
available on the Android platform, and if someone wants pay-for ones
they should get an iPhone. I just hope that the majority of Android
developers start to consider moving to a donation-based revenue model
so we still get a wide selection of good quality applications
available to everyone on the market.

Whilst I'm on the subject, I still haven't been able to buy U.S. apps
from SlideME or AndAppStore. SlideME still reports it is "pending"
Maestro/Paypal/debit transfer payment schemes - and most developers
offering their applications on AndAppStore are continuing to use
Google Checkout, which causes the problem to go full circle.

I really dislike sounding like a broken record on this list, but this
is a big deal for a good number of us, and I'm determined not to give
up on Android just because of payment issues. My hope is that we will
eventually get some kind of constructive response from the Android
Market / Google Checkout people, and eventually a solution. Then I can
concentrate on more interesting discussions, like helping out on the
beginners list, and following the progress of the NDK :)


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