I'd like to modify the Dialer program

by towlie » Fri, 22 Aug 2008 04:48:09 GMT

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 What I'd like to do is give the user the option of how they want to
dial someone.
ex service provider, yahoo voice, skype, vonage.  Why stop there?  You
could bind
phone numbers from several service providers as well if you wanted
to.  Also I want
each protocol to play nice with each other when incoming calls come
in.  I'd like the
dialer to accept a plug-in for each service.

I know the scope of this project would be pretty big.  Most protocols
are not available
to the public and I think most companies don't want users to have this
kind of flexibility
on a phone.  It would be nice to start off with maybe just one other
option besides
service provider.  Hopefully the most simple.  Any suggestions?

I'd also be interested in knowing if the dialer source code is
available.  I downloaded
the SDK 0.9 code and did a grep for dialer but found nothing.  If it's
not open then
what kind of views were used to make the custom buttons and text


I'd like to modify the Dialer program

by chokoreto » Sat, 30 Aug 2008 00:44:31 GMT


Is there a way to extend the existing Contacts View (content://
to show more information (such as presence, status) and also do more
actions on the contact? (e.g. set presence)

If there is not, what would you recommend to do?
Is there something planned for V1.0? or for V2.0?



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