Android 1.5 - How does MediaPlayer know when to start playback?

by Moto » Thu, 30 Apr 2009 00:54:27 GMT

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 Hi all I need some deep understanding on the MediaPlayer class.

Here are a couple questions:
1. How does the MediaPlayer class know when to start playback when
playing an external file x size ie. "http:\\\file.mp3"  at
what point does it say we got enough data lets start playback?  from
my experience this varies a lot depending on the connection speed of
the phone and also how the phone feels like...

2. How can I know that MediaPlayer is now stuck with internal
buffering and not playing audio anymore?  I would have assumed the
OnInfoListener would let us know something? or maybe when checking
IsPlaying() would return false since it's buffering and no audio is

would have been nice to have {Idle, Initialized, Prepared, Stopped,
PlaybackCompleted, Error, etc..} and add a state
"InternalBuffering" ?  and have access to this states...

Any other classes that would have access to this information?


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