Gmail Drive

by Lukster » Mon, 03 Nov 2008 05:39:25 GMT

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 Could someone help point me in the right direction to developing and
app or extension for gmail drive access for network storage .


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1. Visit Installed App Details Page on Android 2.2

Hi All,

I was using this method to show users the installed app details page

Intent i = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW);
// start new activity to display the information

It works fine until 2.2, which gives me a NPE

06-11 22:50:46.443: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(4797): Caused by:

06-11 22:50:46.443: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(4797): at

06-11 22:50:46.443: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(4797): at

06-11 22:50:46.443: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(4797): at

06-11 22:50:46.443: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(4797): at

The 2.2 source is not opened yet, so it's hard for me to figure out
what's happening around line 398 of

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I have 2 question about the JIT compiler on Android Froyo list below :


Does anyone know where is the code for interpreter to
  a) invoke the JIT'ed code
  b) return from JIT'ed code
I have trace the code of interpreter for a long time , but still
cannot find the (a) part ,


According to the slide about JIT compiler from GOOGLE I/O 2010 ,
there are trace JIT and method JIT when we are in different
situation ,
I want to test my App and run in the method JIT mode on emulator
(using Froyo with JIT enabled system image ).
but inside the code I found that there is no transition point to force
the JIT style change from trace to method .
I have try to manually set the WorkOrderKind to method (default is
trace ) when the JIT compiler enqueues a CompileWorkOrder
but the result is emulator crash.
Is there anybody know why ?



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