Insertion Mount on state_Pending.

by axel haslam » Fri, 16 Jul 2010 06:26:54 GMT

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 e have a problem with froyo in which the MMC does not get
automatically mounted upon insertion.

This is what i could understand from the code:
in DirectVolume.cpp on the function handleDiskAdded, if the number of
partitions is not 0, the volume state gets set to "State_Pending" ,
and the VolumeDiskInserted broadcast is sent.This triggers the onEvent
method on MountService, which starts a new thread that sends the
command "volume mount"

the "volume mount" command, gets handled in Volume.cpp function
mountVol() which checks if the state is "State_Idle" if not, returns
BUSY, which in turn gets translated to code 405 "OpFailedStorageBusy"
which is what we see on MountService. This happens because we have
just set the state to "State_Pending".

If we force "State_Idle" on handleDiskAdded, instead of going into
state_Pending, it fixes our problem.

A possible fix for this is setting a flag in the onEvent method on
MountService when the disk is inserted, and starting the thread that
sends the mount command when we receive the state-change to idle, and
flag is set.

In short, we should try to mount when the state has changed to idle,
not on insertion.

Here is the patch for this:

index 6ceeb95..0adaf19
--- a/services/java/com/android/server/
+++ b/services/java/com/android/server/
@@ -136,6 +136,8 @@ class MountService extends IMountService.Stub
private static final int RETRY_UNMOUNT_DELAY = 30; // in ms
private static final int MAX_UNMOUNT_RETRIES = 4;

+ /*used to send the mount command after state is idle.*/
+ boolean insertionMountPending = false;
class UnmountCallBack {
String path;
int retries;
@@ -495,6 +497,26 @@ class MountService extends IMountService.Stub
* Format: "NNN Volume <label> <path> state changed
* from <old_#> (<old_str>) to <new_#> (<new_str>)"
+ if ((Integer.parseInt(cooked[10]) == VolumeState.Idle) &&
+ insertionMountPending == true) {
+ /* If the state moves to idle after a insertion
+ * try to mount the device "Insertion mount"
+ */
+ final String path = cooked[3];
+ insertionMountPending = false;
+ new Thread() {
+ public void run() {
+ try {
+ int rc;
+ if ((rc = doMountVolume(path)) !=
StorageResultCode.OperationSucceeded) {
+ Slog.w(TAG, String.format("Insertion
mount failed (%d)", rc));
+ }
+ } catch (Exception ex) {
+ Slog.w(TAG, "Failed to mount media on
insertion", ex);
+ }
+ }
+ }.start();
+ }
cooked[2], cooked[3],
@@ -526,18 +548,11 @@ class MountService extends IMountService.Stub

if (code == VoldResponseCode.VolumeDiskInserted) {
- new Thread() {
- public void run

Insertion Mount on state_Pending.

by 閭卞缓娉 » Fri, 13 Aug 2010 02:15:40 GMT

 i axelhaslam :

We have a problem with mount too .That is MMC can't mount auto while it
no partitions.
when SDcard Inserted ,the state changed and stoped with state "Pending"

Have you had this problem?

2010/7/16 axel haslam <>


Jianbo Qiu (

Mobile: 13681184653 <>



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Insertion Mount on state_Pending.

by axel haslam » Fri, 13 Aug 2010 02:15:41 GMT

  have pushed this patch that helped with our problem.,16460, let me know
if it helps..

Im not sure what you mean with "no partitions".. you have not
partitioned the sdcard?


2010/8/12 <>


Insertion Mount on state_Pending.

by 閭卞缓娉 » Mon, 16 Aug 2010 11:48:57 GMT

 i axel:

your patch works well.
"no partitions" means ths sdcard has none partitions,deleted all can r/w with pc operating system

had this problem happen on your device?can't mount sdcard with "no

2010210:51xel haslam <>


Jianbo Qiu (

Mobile: 13681184653 <>



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