logcat buffer size

by Jeffrey Blattman » Thu, 17 Jun 2010 01:19:29 GMT

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 i want to increase the logcat buffer size. that is, when i do "logcat" from
adb or from a shell, i want to see more historical log entries.

i see that logcat has a "-r <size>" option, but that requires "-f
<filename>" also. i don't understand what this means. i want to change the
size of the default buffer, why is it asking me for a file name? my
understanding is that logcat is just a wrapper around /dev/log/*?

i realize i might have a fundamental misunderstanding about what "-r"
actually does. for example, it sounds like it may cause the system to create
a file-based rotated log, in addition to the /dev/log/* devices? that's not
really what i want.

? thanks.


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