Confused about the new market

by radiolistener » Tue, 17 Feb 2009 08:25:25 GMT

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 Hi All,

When I first heard the news that the market will be accepting paid
apps, I went into high gear.  At the end of my marathon, I had the app
the way I wanted it, signed it, and went to upload.  That I wasn't
able to upload it for a fee, I had already read.  However, I was also
not able to upload it with the same namespace.  What that means, is
all my testers utilizing the free version will be having a data issue.

I'm pretty sure that I have all my ducks in a row on this, because my
last release contained an export to the memory stick.  I can make
available some sort of free tool that will enable my users to export
under the old version and import into the new.  It's extra work, but,
if there is a need, it can be done.

However, I thought that all my users of the preview software were
eligible for free upgrades, for the future.  Is this true?  If so, how
do I let them know that they are eligible for the new software, that
is now a pay version?  If I'm to play by the rules, I believe that's
what I'm supposed to be doing.  Which, personally, I think is a
wonderful idea.  Because these are the people that trusted me, an
unknown, by putting my software on their devices.  By all rights, and
everything I read, they should be getting the "for pay" software for

Is this even possible?  Any insights would be appreciated.

John Leone aka Radiolistener , Inc.

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