Androidpedia collaborative project...

by Emerson » Mon, 11 Oct 2010 05:28:13 GMT

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 Hi Android Developers,

I wanted to share an idea with you and get your feedback about it.

I own the domain initially I got the domain because I
was going to start an android development division in one of my
companies.  Fortunately business went extreme well on other divisions
and my other companies and due to the lack of resources and time to
take on the android endeavor we had to drop the project.

Few month ago I received a couple of offers for the domain but I
thought that being a good domain there could be a better use for it
than just simply selling it.

So,  My idea is to start a site (it could be a wiki or a collaborative
blog) about all things Android related...  either for developers, end
users or both.  In other words the wikipedia of anything Android.

I'll be more than happy to host the project and provide all the
necessary resources to maintain the site online but Of course a
project like this wouldn't work without the collaboration of a
community.   And that's where all of you come in play.   Needless to
say...  this is a collaborative project and not a for-profit project
for me or my companies.

So,  the idea of this discussion is to get your feedback...  does a
project like this make any sense?  Is there something similar out
there that is already providing this information on a collaborative
environment to help anybody interested in information about android?
Would you participate on a project like this?  Do you think something
like this could be beneficial for you, the android community or
android users?  Is this just a bad idea and I should just sell the
domain now that i can... :D ?  Like I said,  without a community
willing to share their knowledge with the world...  a project like
this wouldn't make any sense and for sure wouldn't work...  so any
feedback that you have would be highly appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I'll keep an eye in this
conversation to read anything that you have to say.

- Emerson Quevedo.


Androidpedia collaborative project...

by Kumar Bibek » Mon, 11 Oct 2010 05:40:02 GMT

 I guess there are too many blogs and forums. Then there's the official docs.
I am not sure if its a great idea.


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