BroadcastReceiver and onRestart

by RyJan » Sat, 07 Mar 2009 10:53:19 GMT

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 I have an app that has an integrated BroadcastReceiver to handle
incoming calls.  That BCR interacts with the NotificationManager to
post text to the notification bar on the top of the screen.

In previous versions it seemed that when the user would use the
Notification drag-down to get into my App, the onCreate method would
be called essentially re-initializing my app.

In 1.1 this doesn't seem to happen, i need to manually refresh my app
to list new data.

I was curious if its was ok to override the OnRestart() method in my
activity to refresh my data list?

or is there a better way to let my activity know through the
BroadcastReceiver that it needs to look for new data?


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