How to login to the root of Android Dev Phone 1?

by havexz » Tue, 24 Mar 2009 10:43:28 GMT

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 I am unable to copy the files from the data folder of the Android Dev
Phone 1. I used to do that on the Emulator. I need to back up the
application data so that I can restore it.

How to login to the root of Android Dev Phone 1?

by havexz » Tue, 24 Mar 2009 10:45:57 GMT

 Also tried login to shell using adb but i am unable to browse to that
directory...... the error is given below:
$ ls
$ ls data
ls data
opendir failed, Permission denied


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How to login to the root of Android Dev Phone 1?

by havexz » Tue, 24 Mar 2009 14:28:54 GMT


BTW is there a way i can access using the UI DDMS which comes with
eclipse IDE.?


How to login to the root of Android Dev Phone 1?

by havexz » Wed, 25 Mar 2009 11:34:31 GMT

 well i am able to access the folder but still unable to get the files
out to local system ......
the following is the snap shot. Here i had run the "su" command and
the prompt changes from $ to #

# pull
pull: not found
# help
help: not found


How to login to the root of Android Dev Phone 1?

by havexz » Sun, 05 Apr 2009 11:26:59 GMT

 ell i finally get the solution......u have to use the "su" command to
login as root and then have to change the permissions for the folder
(in my case its data). Once done that then you can easily move files
using the eclipse DDMS from the Android Dev Phone 1. But remember you
also need to change the permissions for the file that you want to copy
from the device....And the "pull" and "push" commands only work
outside "su" so you have to change permissions using "su" and den try
"pull" or "push".

Thanks a lot to Jean-Baptiste Queru who helped me with su.

On Mar 25, 4:30am, David Turner <> wrote:

How to login to the root of Android Dev Phone 1?

by » Fri, 10 Apr 2009 04:39:44 GMT

 i Gavin,
Giving full rights to everything in /data is not a very good idea. I
don't think chmod supports -R on android so it might not be possible
at all.
The easiest way to remove everything related to your application would
be to uninstall it from "manage applications". Then when you'll run it
from eclipse it would be just as a fresh install.
Another solution is to connect your phone with USB to your desktop
(there is a driver for windows, on Linux it should work by default),
run adb shell, su to become root and rm /data/data/<>/
databases/<your.db> to delete the db. You could also use sqlite3 to
only drop tables and not delete the entire db.


On Apr 9, 6:30pm, Gavin Aiken <> wrote:

How to login to the root of Android Dev Phone 1?

by havexz » Sat, 11 Apr 2009 22:24:55 GMT

 i Gavin

Well "tibigiurgiu" is right if you just have to remove the db just
uninstall the application. But if you want to copy the files from
phone to pc den you need to chmod n all. Well the shell provided
through adb has a very limited set commands and the commands are also
not fully supported. So wat u have to do is to individually change
mode of each directory and file. Change the mode and then move to that
dir and change the mode for next dir and so on.


On Apr 9, 3:39pm, "" <>

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