how to change colours in a .xml defined layout in run time

by ckloch » Wed, 16 Jun 2010 20:05:26 GMT

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 Dear friends,

I am developing a small app that should inform the drivers whether his
current speed matches the preferred one in order to avoid stopping for
the red light.

I have no probelms to calculate the relative speed of the vehicle and
compare it with the preferred speed in order to determine and inform
the driver whether his speed is appropriate for crossing the traffic
light when it is green, or he needs to slow down or speed up.

But, I would be very thankful if you can help me to display this

My current idea is to draw a traffic light (in red and green) on the
screen in .xml, using 11 equally sized bars. Hereby, I can show
whether the speed fits perfectly (then bar 6 should be black), or
there is no room for delay (then bar 4 should be black)
So far, I have made the traffic light in .xml.

My next step is to change the color of one of the bars dependent on
how the relative speed matches the shifts in the traffic light.
In theory it seems to be easy, but I would highly appreciate your help
on how to do this in Android as I cannot see how I start changing the
colours of the individual bar in the screen after initially defining
the screen.

There might be other and better ways to implement this than .xml

I would appreciate your help;

Best regards


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