Unable to open persistent property directory

by Androidphan » Fri, 06 Mar 2009 09:53:48 GMT

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 Android is working now. I'm starting without the ramdisk. With kernel
argument init=/init and changed init.rc so it doesn't mount the rootfs
again. Then when having a blank screen I added the argument vga=788
and then it booted. :)


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Apps on the sdcard is not the solution. What i want is only the resources of
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I added a comment to the issue:

This is a no-go solution. If apps are installed on the sdcard they can
be copied and
this opens the door for piracy and makes the android market less attractive for
developers. Resulting in fewer apps that are developed for the android platform.

However.. it would be a good thing to save parts of the application on
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For example the /res directory could be saved on the sdcard.

Another possibility is the have a separate partition on the sdcard
that can only be
read by the android system. It will not show up in your computer.

I really need more room for my app: it gets bigger and bigger. However
i donnot want
userse to have the option to install it on the sdcard.


2009/6/15 Al Sutton <a...@funkyandroid.com>


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