Setting for "Use incoming call volume for notifications"

by Open » Sun, 13 Dec 2009 03:25:58 GMT

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 Hi All-

Does anyone know where the value for "Use incoming call volume for
notifications" is stored?

This is a checkbox found in the Ringer Volume settings that allows you
to set a separate notification volume and incoming call volume.  I
would like to programatically toggle the value, but I can't figure out
where it's stored.  I looked at Context.AudioManager, I see methods
for controlling the notification volume, but I can't find a setting
for separating notification volume from incoming call volume.



Setting for "Use incoming call volume for notifications"

by Beth » Tue, 22 Dec 2009 00:58:56 GMT

 I need to bump this thread I face the same problem.  My guess is that
there is nothing public and anything we might find through source and
code into a program could change without notice.  Truth is that the
shift from SDK 1.1 to SDK 1.5 introduced this tie in and broke my UI!

My solution was to pop an alert dialog that will open the settings
application.  To further complicate the matter, I found that the
public action -> the intent that is supposed to open the sound
preferences page, was broken (on the Hero?).  Thus, I cannot navigate
to the specific page that holds this setting.

I guess maybe an issue needs to be filed.  So far I have not taken
that step.  If anybody has a better solution, please speak up!

Thanks and regards,


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