Question about Calender

by TheLineUp » Fri, 14 Nov 2008 11:34:13 GMT

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 Dear: Android Developers

I have question about the use of Calender in the phone, when I have a
event go on, I would want it to be add in to the Calender so it could
remind me later on.  But the reminder time set are alway change by
itself, and also I wonder once the event end, I want to have the
record of what I did for that day, but it wont go away at the first
screen,  it is not like the calender I use that i could just go in to
the old day and see what i had did, can you give me a intration of
using it please.  Thank You

If passible, please reply me by [EMAIL PROTECTED]     Thank You

From:  Eric Lam


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