Android 2.1 WebKit and applicationCache

by hansamann » Thu, 13 May 2010 11:40:23 GMT

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 Hi all,

I am trying to use the Android 2.1 WebKit applicationCache but I
notice several differences to the iPhone 3/4(beta) implementation. Can
anyone tell me what the current status is and if it is in a usable

Here are  my observations that I can share:

- initial caching works, but instead of sending a checking event first
as on the iPhone, it will just send out the progress events and then
the final cache event
- once you reload the page, it just shows the noupdate event. no
checking before that
- even if you update the manifest, it will not notice that. It seems
webkit on android does not check the manifest after the initial
- forcing an update with applicationCache.update() also does not work.

That leaves the current implementation in a pretty unusable state,
your users would presumably never get an updated cache once the inital
caching has run.

Has anyone else experience with this or knows when applicationCache is
supposed to be fixed/working?

Thanx a lot!


Android 2.1 WebKit and applicationCache

by hansamann » Fri, 14 May 2010 01:53:53 GMT

 Hi, is there anyone who could answer this question or tell me where to
best post this? It's an important issue for me right now...



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Re: Re: Android 2.1 WebKit and applicationCache

by Christopher Dale » Wed, 20 Apr 2011 21:27:57 GMT

 I would also be interested to know the current state of the applicationCache 
implementation. I am running into issues in the Android browser with going 
offline where I have no issues on Chrome. I think it would also be helpful 
if there was a central place where the statuses of implemented standards 
were layed out by android version so developers knew what they had to work 




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