file system monitoring?

by MannyNS » Mon, 12 May 2008 23:48:00 GMT

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 Is there a way to subscribe to (all) file system notifications from
Android? I know there is android.os.FileObserver, but unless one
instance is created and linked for every single folder on the phone,
it is useless.
Is there anything like SHChangeNotifyRegister? How did Android
creators fulfill the need for a feature of this kind?


file system monitoring?

by hackbod » Tue, 13 May 2008 07:02:57 GMT

 Sorry, there is no way to do this.  Monitoring all of the files on a
file system is expensive, so it is something we made sure we didn't
need to do.


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file system monitoring?

by MannyNS » Tue, 13 May 2008 17:39:21 GMT

 Thanks for the reply from where the action is. You should really
consider adding a feature of that kind.
For instance, Windows Mobile team may also find it heavy, but they do
have a neat functionality with SHChangeNotifyRegister(). By not
providing an optimized mechanisms to do this, you will not suppress
the need to have it, and developers will find even more expensive
mechanism to get that eventually. Same rule applies to browsing the
folder "/data".

p.s. that red dot on the emulator... some BSG fans out there?


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