how to debug engine layer crash without stack information?

by kevin ma » Wed, 22 Jul 2009 05:48:50 GMT

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 Dear all,
    I'm debugging opencore related app & engine. Normally, when met
engine layer crash issue, we will get the stack info printed in the
log as below.

I/DEBUG   (   33):          #00  pc 00111dac  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (   33):          #01  pc 00112c66  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (   33):          #02  pc 00105ff0  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (   33):          #03  pc 00082b98  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (   33):          #04  pc 00042fe2  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (   33):          #05  pc 0004346c  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (   33):          #06  pc 00043088  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (   33):          #07  pc 00040e18  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (   33):          #08  pc 000ede86  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (   33):          #09  pc 000edf48  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (   33):          #10  pc 000f56b6  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (   33):          #11  pc 000f50f4  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (   33):          #12  pc 00032a50  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (   33):          #13  pc 00032c7c  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (   33):          #14  pc 00032e44  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (   33):          #15  pc 001109ec  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (   33):          #16  pc 00110b40  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (   33):          #17  pc 0002affe  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (   33):          #18  pc 000285d4  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (   33):          #19  pc 0000f8cc  /system/lib/
I/DEBUG   (   33):          #20  pc 0000f438  /system/lib/

    But sometimes, we can not get these info. So it's very hard to fix
the bug at that time. Does anyone know some method to solve this
problem? Thanks!

Best Regards,

how to debug engine layer crash without stack information?

by fadden » Wed, 22 Jul 2009 18:23:39 GMT


I posted some information about transforming stack traces here:


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how to debug engine layer crash without stack information?

by kevin ma » Thu, 23 Jul 2009 01:22:49 GMT

 Dear fadden,
    Thanks for your great help! The key issue is when my app crash, I can
not get the stack information now. I just wondering when will the stack info
generated and print out, when it will not, when crash met. Thanks!

Best Regards,

2009/7/23 fadden <>


how to debug engine layer crash without stack information?

by fadden » Thu, 23 Jul 2009 19:24:09 GMT


Some info here:

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