BT Voice Dial

by Berend » Fri, 05 Jun 2009 03:06:28 GMT

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 After talking in the wrong mailing list, lets try again ^^.

I am planing on buying a HTC Magic running Cupcake 1.5. My primary
requirement is having a working voice dial (so no interaction using
the screen because the phone will be in my pocket or bag while I am
driving). I understand that this function is possibly disabled because
the dialer is not ready.

Then I wonder the following:
- Is it completely disabled on the Magic? Or does it have the input
popup after speaking the name?
- Will this be fixed in the next release? 1.6? When?
- Can the dialer be replaced by a user program? With the voice input
framework (I read about it somewhere) it should be possible to cook up
an alternative, or am I missing something?

Berend Dekens


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