Update language in Widget

by Ricardo A . S谩 » Fri, 26 Mar 2010 19:59:51 GMT

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 I have a widgett that supports for many languages, but if the user change
the language in Settings, my widget don't update.. Only works, if I close it
and open again, or rebook the handset..
Someone have any suggestion for me to solve this?



Update language in Widget

by Mark Murphy » Fri, 26 Mar 2010 20:08:02 GMT


I suspect that there is no automatic answer.

Android applications can find out about language changes via
onConfigurationChanged() (in Activity or Service) or the
ACTION_CONFIGURATION_CHANGED broadcast Intent. That Intent, though, must
be registered via registerReceiver() from a running component, making it
less than useful. Since you (hopefully) do not have a Service running
all the time in support of the app widget, the app widget itself cannot
use any of these.

You might wish to file a feature request on  http://b.android.com  -- I
would think that app widgets should be notified of configuration
changes, somehow, to handle your situation.

Beyond that, you could add a "refresh" button to the widget, or
otherwise allow them to tap something that, among other things, will
pick up the new language.

And, if you are lucky, somebody else will have a better idea...

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