About Android SDK translation work

by Thomas Iverson » Sat, 11 Apr 2009 21:57:04 GMT

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 Hi all , I'm not sure whether it's a right place for discussing such
topic , so forgive me if I am wrong

I'm now translating Android SDK 1.1 r1 documentation into Chinese ,
and I'm wonder that how to make it convenient to upgrade
my translation files when the sdk and its documentation version
updated in the future.

You know that the sdk documentation is published in html format , and
it's really unfriendly to i18n work. Still I didn't find a convenient
to do so and I'm now translating HTML source files(thanks to god i
understand html).

Any guys here doing the translation work as I do and met the same problem ?
Share me your experience and ideas or suggestions , I'll really approciate :)

Keep It Simple Stupid
Thomas X. Iverson(A.K.A ghosTM55)


About Android SDK translation work

by Mark Murphy » Sat, 11 Apr 2009 22:16:20 GMT


Thanks for your help!

You may want to ask these questions on [android-platform]:


That is the home for discussion about the Android open source project
itself, including documentation. We have had other people recently
express interest in contributing to documentation, and so my hope is
that the core Android team is working out the details on how to handle
contributions such as yours.

Thanks again!

Mark Murphy (a Commons Guy)
 http://commonsware.com  |  http://twitter.com/commonsguy 

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About Android SDK translation work

by Dave White » Mon, 13 Apr 2009 12:13:28 GMT

 Back when I worked in Localisation, there was a product we used called
Catalyst which did translation for us.  I haven't used it in a few years
now, but it used to be really good at handling leveraging of localised text
into files. However, it is all very dependant on how the files are built in
the first place (ie: if they are being built with localisation in mind
rather than the authors being unwilling/unable to make changes to allow
 http://www.alchemysoftware.ie  is the URI, see if it suits your needs.


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