How to download 1.1 sdk source OR use latest source (sdk 1.5) with eclipse/emulator

by Russell » Sat, 07 Mar 2009 10:59:52 GMT

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 Hi - i've downloaded the latest source using repo and this appears to
build sdk version 1.5. I have also installed ADT 0.9 into Eclipse. But
i can't find any information on how to use the latest version with an
application I am developing in Eclipse. For example, where do I point
the ADT to, where is the sdk that is built stored? Also, when i try to
use the image files in the emulator from the command line, then try
and run my application in Eclipse, Eclipse doesn't use the running
emulator complaining about a missing VM. The configuration for the
latest source appears to be a bit different to the released version
yet i can't find any documentation on how to us it.

Alternatively, how can i download the branch of the source code that
was used to release the 1.1 SDK. I can't find any information on
getting branches using git/repo, or even any way to find out what
branch names may be.

I'm compiling on ubunto 8.10.


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