What are all the Mobiles that support Android ???

by netizens » Tue, 24 Jun 2008 16:10:11 GMT

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 Hi Friends !

I am new to Android. I followed the steps over Docs. I able to run the
sample applications on Emulator.

I have few questions

* How to Port Android in to Mobile Devices ?
* What are all the Models that support Android ?


What are all the Mobiles that support Android ???

by jdavidandroid » Wed, 25 Jun 2008 01:20:35 GMT

 Hi netizens!

There arent still any Android compliant devices in the market, so in
the moment, you can only do some testing using the emulator.  Google
anounced there will be some Android compliant devices in the market by
the second half of 2.008, but the date hasnt been confirmed yet.  As
for the models that support Android, companies from the Open Handset
Alliance have not informed yet the specific compliant devices.  You
can check the companies involved in the alliance in this link
 http://www.openhandsetalliance.com/oha_members.html to check for any 
update related to your inquiry.

Hope this is good for you.



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What are all the Mobiles that support Android ???

by netizens » Wed, 25 Jun 2008 04:31:32 GMT

 Hi Juan!

Thanks for your kind informations..


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